We enable individuals and companies to managing finances with flexibility by bringing together technology and strategic brand partnership with prepaid products that is packed with features.

ADS Visa Card For Everyone

Online & Offline Payment

A form of security measure for payment to avoid revealing sensitive information linked to bank account.

Reward & Incentive

Deliver real value and advantages over cash, checks, and gift certificates to your corporate customers or employees.

Bills Payment

Offer an easy and convenient way to manage monthly expenses online. An alternative access to monitor and track spending like bank account.

Travel & Leisure

Provide a safer, more manageable, and convenient alternative to cash and travelers cheques when traveling.

Employee Payroll

Reduce paycheck costs and allows workers without banking relationships to reduce the cost, inconvenience and security problems of physical cash.


Offer users a convenient way to send funds to others in remote locations with similar prepaid card. Offer advantages of safety and security over physical cash.

ADS Visa Card Recognized Worldwide

Our prepaid card account comes with VISA or MasterCard that is accepted by more than 40 million merchants and locations in the world!

Go Shopping, Pay Bills, and More.

With prepaid payment, you can enjoy the freedom to handle all your finances all from one account. Shop anywhere, pay bills online, or even withdraw cash from ATMs worldwide.

No hassle. Beautiful card and easy-to-use app

We skip the stuff you won’t use and improve the things you really need.

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